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Prede Co., Ltd.


Company name PREDE CO., LTD.
Address Head Office: 1117 Kusabana, Akirunoshi, Tokyo, 197-0802 Japan
Institute of Technology (Main office): Sasamoto Bldg. 1-26-8 Kamidaira, Fussashi, Tokyo, 197-0012 Japan
Tel: +81(0)42-539-3755 Fax:+81(0)42-539-3757

NOTE: Please contact to / send all necessary items to the Institute of Technology, as all routinie works are tken place in this office.
Establishment 5th January, 1987
Business content Research, Development of Scientific Instruments.
Production of the Meteorological instruments, Optical Instruments, and Environmental Instruments.
Import and Export.
Main Instruments Skyradiometer, Sun Photometer, Grating Type Sun Photometer, Sky View Camera, Sun Tracker, Spectrometer, Wind sensor, etc.
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